The Perry Law Firm


The Perry Law Firm (“Firm”) specializes in all aspects of common interest development (“CID”) law, representing over 250 community associations from San Diego to Sacramento. In addition to collecting over $4,000,000 in delinquent assessments for our clients since 2011, we also offer a full-range of CID-based corporate counsel services as well as general business and employment law expertise. We are happy to meet with individuals, management companies, and boards of directors at your convenience (and at no charge) to discuss our services. Remember, our job is to make your job easier!

Our Mission

The commitment of The Perry Law Firm is to provide excellent, timely, and efficient legal services. While achieving this goal, we are dedicated to the highest standards of practice, professionalism, and ethics.

We will always put our clients’ interests above our own and will seek to resolve our clients’ legal needs and challenges in a manner that best serves their particular situation.

We stand ready as a resource of legal and practical experience, wisdom, and creativity to meet your legal needs.